• Bringing the eco-system together

    The Victoria Entrepreneurship Collective is run by Viclink to bring together all aspects of entrepreneurship at Victoria University.

    University Clubs

    There are several clubs currently operating at Vic which incorporate entrepreneurship.

    Events & Workshops

    VUWEC will be running regular meetups, along with several workshops.

    Mentors & support

    VUWEC has connections to experts who can help you start your business. Contact us if you'd like to chat!

  • Events

    Check out these events happening really soon!!

    Startup Weekend Wellington

    Rutherford House (Pipitea)

    July 12 - 14

    Create a startup in 54 hours. Startup Weekend gives you the opportunity to find a team, create a prototype of your idea, validate your business concept, and receive feedback from experienced entrepreneurs. All in one weekend!


    Use code "STUDENTLIFE" for 50% off



    VUWEC Meetup

    Wednesday 24th July @ 5pm

    Come to our meetup to chat business ideas with students also interested in entrepreneurship.  

    "How to" start your own business

    July 18, 4:30 PM – 6 PM

    VicCom x VUWEC present "How to" start your own business, a panellist Q&A event with some great New Zealand start-ups! We will be hearing from the founders/co-founders of The Part Time Rangers, Squawk Squad, Collaborate and Creative HQ. Come along with your questions and stay afterwards for a mix & mingle with food and drink provided.



  • Clubs to get involved with

    These are current clubs which have a connection to VUWEC

    Victoria Business Consulting (VBC) provides students with experience and practical skills that are transferable to their future careers, as well as facilitating networking opportunities with prospective employers in the professional services industry.

    A society for Victoria University women who are interested in professional development, networking and skill-building.

    VUWWIT is a group for undergraduate students that identify as women or nonbinary who are studying computer science, engineering and other STEM subjects at Victoria University.

    Our main goal is to kick-start your own business and investment, share experience from these fields among our members and network with successful entrepreneurs and investors. BIC will give you the opportunity to enhance your business skills, learn how to invest your money and meet other people with similar interests.

    Chiasma WGTN is a student-led, non-profit organization dedicated to growing better links between students and industry, in order to produce students with industry relevant skills and to retain highly-skilled employees in the Wellington region.

    Open to all Victoria University of Wellington students interested in Engineering, Computer science, or technology in general.

  • The Atom

    Opened at Victoria University in 2019

    Innovation + Entrepreneurship

    The atom is a room located at the front of the Pipitea Campus.


    Designed to encompass the entrepreneurial aspects of the university, The Atom will be used for:


    - Co-working for student startups


    - Event space for VUWEC


    - Bookable for external events 1 day a week


    - Physically showcasing student startups


    For more information and events held in The Atom, visit the website:


  • Blog

    Read about the things going on in the university eco-system.

    January 22, 2019
    Challenging the belief that the only end-goal for business is to make money, the students in the latest Victoria Entrepreneur Bootcamp intake are firmly focused on creating profit-generating businesses that also aim to do good in their communities. “It’s great to see so many teams with goals...
    Minister of Research, Science and Innovation, the Hon Dr Megan Woods, officially launched a programme aimed at funding and supporting student entrepreneurs—known as Momentum—during a breakfast event at Parliament on the 11th of December. The new Wellington Momentum investment committee—which is...
  • Victoria Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

    19th November - 27th February

    Build Your Business

    The Victoria Entrepreneur Bootcamp is an opportunity for students at Victoria University of Wellington to take their ideas and test them to see if they are viable as businesses.


    The purpose of the Bootcamp is not just to grow businesses, but to grow entrepreneurs who learn essential skills while working on their own startups.



  • Momentum is a national programme which operates along side Return On Science, and is a member of the Commercialisation Partner Network.


    Momentum is formed of student-led Investment Committees with a focus on start -up ventures, particularly those originating from student intellectual property. The Momentum Investment Committees are regionally based and support projects from multiple tertiary institutes, and the private sector.


    The Investment Committees are formed of an independent Chair, tertiary students, and some longitudinally experienced investors, and entrepreneurs. Each Momentum Investment Committee has a majority of student members. Investment Committee members are highly diverse from their backgrounds, to their chosen academic field, to the perspectives that they bring to the project teams. This allows the committees to provide advice and support to a wide range of start up technologies.

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